"What Does Sweetie Do?"

​Provides hands on support for entrepreneurs, authors, and speakers for their online processes.

Melinda Emerson

"She's taken my business to the top..."

”Sweetie Berry is the Lead Strategist for the SmallBizLady Brand. With her leading my team we have taken my business to the top of the small business world. She's played a key role in my prominence online as America's #1 Small Business Expert. If you're building thought leadership, I could not recommend her more highly."

A Rare Experience in Excellence...

"Running a business is like threading a needle. Without the needle threaded carefully all the effort is just empty and the pieces fall apart. Sweetie not only does what she says, she does it expediently and will also take the time to make sure you know how if that's your intent! A rare experience in excellence...work with Sweetie, you'll feel better about your efforts and leave her with confidence you can get your problem solved."

Lexia Churchill
Dori DeCarlo

When you need that "go-to person"

"When it comes to creating your brand and marketing strategies and making them work,  Sweetie Berry is the person to approach. You will find everything you need from website development and quick fixes to graphic design, marketing strategies and ongoing education. When you need that go to person to help you get things done for your business...Get Sweetie...you'll be glad you did. I know I am.

What is.... Conversation

Are you ready to look at your business or blog from a "what's working" and "what's truly needed next" standpoint?  Sweetie offers a "What is..." conversation which allows you to explore and execute understanding of how to get to the outcome you're seeking to achieve .  Need a blueprint for success? An uncomplicated understanding of what would be effective from where you are in your business, blog or sales process.  The " What is..." process allows you to align your processes with strategic practicality that will align your goals and set your benchmarks for success.  Need help actuating the plan, we offer services for that as well. (and if you have a team , the "What is..." blueprint allows you to take home the recipe for success and doing in house!

About Sweetie Berry

I love creating and providing strategic technical solves for my clients. Technology and marketing are  wonderful things when they do the work you need them to do! My work with authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs allows me the privilege of listening deeply so that I can create an effective outcome for their business.